NetBase Invention Sdn Bhd (843320-U) undertakes Information Technology (IT) projects focusing in Hospitality Industry – Budget or Boutique Hotel and Resort. We provide Hotel Management System integrated with Online Booking System and suppliers of Electronic Door Lock (Integrated with Hotel Management System). 

Since its establishment, Netbase Invention has delivered hotel customers across region and manage to simplify their business process. Here are our inventions:-

1. Hotel Management System integrated with Electronic Door Lock.
2. Online Reservation System


Other extended enterprise solution are e-Procurement, e-Contract system and e-Reverse Auction System.



Simplifying Your Business Process



NetBase Invention exists to serve our clients to simplify the business process and improve the way work is done by providing value-added services which deliver the results necessary to transform and grow the business faster, effective and cheaper

Netbase Invention customers are consists of SME (Small Medium Enterprise Business) and we ensure our customers gains in terms of reduced complexity , reduced cost , elimination of process waste and interval  reduction without going to the extent of full-scale complex long re-engineering programmes.

NetBase Invention would assist and collaborate with our customers and simplify their business process.

• Reducing the amount of steps, tasks and activities involved in business related decision.
• Eliminating non-added value processes to increase efficiency of team members.
• Eliminate traditional method of marketing, which could cause energy waste, additional transport cost and others. Introducing the new generation of online marketing which proven to increase the productivity of business and cost effective.
• Reducing the amount of movement required by people required to perform tasks.
• Reducing Queues and the amount of waiting time (waiting for the next process step)
• Minimizing the amount of defects and errors (i.e. billing, invoicing, IT errors..)
• Minimizing the downtime cause by system or network issue, by providing an advance automated monitoring tools.

We ensure our customers are satisfied with our product and services in a bundle package, which inclusive of cheaper price, high quality and reliability, higher Return of Investment (ROI) and outstanding service and support. We can’t compromise our customer’s service and products delivery, which the most important contribution for our business trusts.

NetBase Invention don’t just provide an ordinary service to customers, instead we add value to our customers by understanding their needs and requirements to make sure they be able to simplify the business process as a whole bundle package of our solution instead of one single service or products.

We also provide additional non-charges services such as online help ticketing and live help desk assistant for all our customers to be able to reach us whenever they need any additional services or support.

NetBase Invention always a step ahead from our competitors. Instead just providing the customers requirement, we would improvise our customer’s productivity by adding services that bundle together with lower price but provide higher return to our customers.

We believe, to add value to our customers in terms of their client satisfaction and better revenue by taking up our service or products.

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