High Quality Internal Double Layer Build Hotel Keyless/Electronic Door Lock System Integrated with Hotel Management System


Our Hotel Door Lock System is purely integrated with Hotel Management System. In another words, without a proper check hotel staff can’t issue card to the room. This to avoid hotel staff to gain access to any of the room without proper check in.

Statistic shows that hotel that does not have electronic door lock, suffers lost each month due to staff selling rooms without proper checkin and access. Thus, to eliminate such issue and help every hotel owners to maximize their profit and return of investments (ROI).

Sample of our Models:-

  • Internal Double Layer Build Lock

2 Models Available  :-

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 Room and Checkout Time Detectable Energy Saving Switch.


Below is the energy saving switch, which only detects ONLY the room cards and checkout time to gain electricity for each room. Compared to the ordinary energy saving switch , this switch can trip the electricity at  checkout time. It DOES NOT detect any normal cards including credit cards.


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