WiFi Security (Radius Technology) – Bandwidth Control and Random Password

WiFi Solution – Simplified Radius Technology

  •  Are you facing slow connectivity for your Internet WiFi at your business – Restaurant, Hotel or any other business?


  • Tried increasing the monthly bandwidth with your service provider but still facing the same problem?


Do you know that it’s just take less than 2 minute to hack a WiFi that has the ‘normal’ password protected ?


If your WiFi password is not changed for more than 30 days (minimum) or having a ‘medium to weak’ password can provide easy access to others to your WiFi which cause your bandwidth to be utilized by unauthorized users.


Prevent ALL this from happening with a simple, cost saving method and highly secure way to protect your WiFi access.


At the same time, gather the user’s email ID and use them as your marketing tool to send promotions related to your business.


The solution applies for Hotels , Restaurant and other business where frequent guest visiting premises.


As low as RM 200/month you can now subscribe to this service with NO setup FEE.



WiFi Plan 3


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